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The helmets you find on this page are made of  vacuum formed vinyl. They will last for many years with just a little care. You can purchase these plain and build them yourself for you can purchase them finished and ready to wear. If you have any questions please email and ask.
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Greek Soldier
Greek God / Goddess
Greek Warrior
Roman Legionary
Roman Parade
Roman Centurion
Viking Pointed
Bullet A
Bullet B
Bullet C
Eastern Medieval
Pot Helmet A
Pot Helmet B
Pot Helmet C
Bishops Mitre
Medieval visor with studs
Medieval pointed visor
Medieval regular visor
Medieval parade helmet
Man of la Mancha
16th Century Officers Morion
16th Century Common Morion
16th Century Spanish Morion
16th Century Soldier Morion
16th Century Dress Helmet
19th Century Dress Guard
19th Century Dragoon
19th Century Guard
19th Century Prussian
Uniform Hat - Music Man
Uniform Hat
Hessian / Redcoat Hat
Policeman - 1890
WWI helmet
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French Cleric
British Sailor
18th Century Beaver Hat
Bicorn - Admiral
Roman parade helmet unfinished $36.00
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coming soon
German Helmet
Prussian Helmet unfinished $36.00
Prussian Helmet  finished $65.00
WW1 Helmet unfinished $36.00
WW1 Helmet  finished $65.00
Man of La Mancha helmet unfinished $68.00
Man of La Mancha helmet finished $135.00
Greek God/Goddess helmet unfinished $36.00
Hessian Helmet unfinished $48.00
Hessian Helmet  finished $68.00